Welcome to the Book Shed

There has been a shed of books at 42 Oliver Street in Northam for years. Formerly known as Avon Book Centre, and later Books, we took over the Book Shed early 2018. We hope you can share the journey with us…

the book shed tin 1

17 thoughts on “Welcome to the Book Shed

  1. looking for books – across perth water by janice gothard. AND Mary Cowan the Woman in the Catalpa Story by Richard Cowan. Stand To by Paul Buddee and Airmail Palestine by david McNichol. Thx.


    1. Hello Aileen. They are all scarce books. We can keep a look out for you as we specialise is finding scarce books. In the meantime I have found a digital copy fo David McNicoll’s book here:


      We will let you =know if we come across any book son your list.


      The Book Shed


      1. Thank you and I just received my most recent book from you there couple of weeks ago. I do have the books I asked you to look for in my first email; inc the David McNicoll book; but need more for my family members. They are all relevant to my family history. Thanks for keeping a lookout. Aileen.


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